SEP 11, 2013

How to start your very own online jewellery store

So, you want to earn money by selling your beloved jewellery. The idea, at the moment, seems like some far off dream that only a lucky few can accomplish.

You’re passionate about crafting your own pieces. It’s too much to ask to earn money from selling them. Right?

Wrong. Earning a living from jewellery can be done.

Don’t get me wrong, its hard work. But it’s possible.

The key is to set up your own online jewellery store and here I’m going to show you how to do it...


Before you jump straight in you must do some research. Yes, you know your jewellery very well. But how well do you know the industry? How much do people normally charge for the type of jewellery you’re looking to sell?

Once you know this consider your target audience. Who is going to buy your jewellery and how can you attract those people?

A firm grasp of the industry and your audience will put you on the right foot.


Up until this point I’ve been talking about those of you who make your own jewellery. But don’t worry if you don’t. There’s still a way...

Hit the web and search through jewellery wholesalers who offer jewellery that you’re interested in. Make sure that you ask plenty of questions. The wholesalers are going to provide the product that you sell. They must be reliable.

The website

So you know who’s going to buy the product. You understand the industry. You’ve found the wholesaler. It’s time to set up your market stall.

Firstly the URL. Unfortunately a lot of good domain names have been taken so take some time to think of something original. The best URLs are short and sweet and usually end with a .com or .co.uk (area dependent).

The website itself needs to be designed too. You could build the site yourself but without prior experience you might find the finished product to be a little disappointing. If you’re going to take your online site seriously I suggest investing in a website designer.

They’ll be able to create something that’s easy to navigate and attractive.

Name one accomplished site that doesn’t have these two things. I bet you can’t...


Lastly, you need to let the world know that your sites there! Tell your friends and family and encourage them to spread the word.

Many people think that marketing is an expensive ordeal and doesn’t always produce the results you’re after. We’ve written a blog on 4 ways to market your jewellery business, so head over there and have a look.

Created on 11th September 2013
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