AUG 7, 2013

4 ways to market your jewellery business

The jewellery market is a busy place. Just for a moment, think about every brand and make of jewellery that you know of. I bet there’s too many to count on one hand.

How then, can you help give your jewellery business a kick start? What can you do to get your name out there and see you jewellery being worn by everyone?

Well the answer is good marketing. We aren’t all marketing experts though, so what can you do?

In this blog I’m going to show you 5 ways that you can market your jewellery business with ease.

Wear it

What better advocate is there for your jewellery than yourself? You’ve spent hours designing it and crafting it, so wear it!

When people point out the jewellery and ask you wear you got it from you can respond with “I made it!” Then hand over a business card and hey presto! You’ve just generated a lead.

By wearing your jewellery yourself you can really show it off. You know what it’ll work best with, and you can trial new products on your friends.

Social media

Websites like Twitter and Facebook are growing at a ridiculous rate. There’s millions and millions of people on both of these sites and guess what? It’s free to sign up!

By setting up a Facebook page for your jewellery you can quickly start to connect to people in your local area, get in touch with other jewellery sellers, and flog your wares.

Social Media sites are excellent marketing tools, so don’t neglect them!

Partner up

After a while using social media you may hear from other jewellers in your area who would like to work with you. This isn’t just a great chance to develop your skills, but it’s the perfect opportunity to grow your client base too!

By teaming up you can show off your wares to the devoted followers of your ‘team mate’.

Trying to market on your own can sometimes feel like it’s you against the world. If you have someone beside you who is equally as passionate you’ll soon find that getting your name out there is much easier.

Bounce ideas off each other; collaborate in creating some unique jewellery pieces or hold an events day and invite everyone and anyone.

Created on 7th August 2013
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